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Would highly recommend! 

I have used Never Better cleaning service for the last 4 years cleaning a fitness gym. The service and quality of their work is always exceptional.
I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs a reliable provider who gives superior results. I will continue using this service and
let anyone know who has cleaning needs within their home or business.
Thank you! 


Karen and her crew are out of this world when it comes to cleaning. 

We not only use her services in our home, and trust her to use high quality products and do a thorough cleaning job, but also for our business. Our company provides dinner parties and catering for a very high end clientele and only the best is acceptable when it comes to cleaning the kitchens of the beautiful homes we work in. We had tried other cleaning services before, and were frequently disappointed by the cleaners' lack of care for clients' expensive pieces and antique china and crystal. With Karen- it doesn't matter if we are using plastic or crystal- she and her team treat every piece as someone else's treasure with due respect and conscientiousness. We appreciate the care, and so do our clients!
Thank you, Never Better Cleaning. 

Eat Deliberately. Food is Precious. 

Julie Frans


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Creating the best restaurant in the comfort of home.

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I've used Never Better Cleaning service for over a year and have always been satisfied.  The owner is one of the work force which I think makes a difference.  They are fast, in obtrusive and do an excellent job. 
Unlike other cleaners I've had, the work is consistent and has not declined over time.  Karen has always been responsive to any special tasks and I'm happy with my clean house!

Karen and her crew have provided cleaning services for our home for 

almost two years now. She is not only very professional, but very 

personable, flexible and trustworthy too. She is great at cleaning 

and organizing our very busy household including two small children, 

two dogs and two cats. When I leave my house in the morning on the 

day Karen is coming to clean, I can not wait to return because I know 

when I get home I will have a spotless and organized home


We’re thrilled to have Karen and her staff at Never Better Cleaning. 
They are professional, reliable and most importantly clean to our satisfaction. 
We never realized how dirty our offices were until they came and cleaned them.  We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend them. 

Debbie K.

Office Manager

I met Karen in 2004 when I hired a service to clean.  Karen was working for them while getting her business started and was substituting for the person that was regularly scheduled.  I commented on how much I really liked the way she cleaned and hired her on the spot.  Karen always does a great job with our house.  Over the years we added two babies to the mix of rooms and items that need to be cleaned and she has never once had an issue with the added mess.  I love coming home after work when I know that Karen cleaned that day.  The house always smells wonderful, is so clean and it's comforting to know I can just relax and enjoy time with my family.

I have referred Karen to a handful of people that she still works for to this day.  Thanks to Karen my life is more sufficient and CLEAN.

Marie, Marc, Emma and Brody

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